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UM SO, we bought a house? I mentioned that we were in the process of doing so a few posts ago, I think. But, um, we're in it nowwww????? Insane. INSANE. We (and by we, I mean me, him, my momma, his momma, his step-momma, his dad, his step-dad, my dad, two of his brothers, and a few of our friends) moved all of our stuff out of a Pod and into our new home just a few days ago! It was a literal whirlwind of Windex, vacuum hums, and males grunting as they moved large pieces of furniture.

The house is dope, truly, but it's also a loooong way from being all set up for, say, an Apartment Therapy tour. 😚 I went to a baby shower on Saturday and shared my general *overwhelmed* feelings with a friend's mom. She gave me this sage advice: You know what? Focus on getting one room done at a time. Just don't even worry about the 'unfinished' state of the other rooms. It doesn't matter.

So look, I'm trying to do that. I'm barely doing that. I'm trying. It's hard. Target is so close, so tempting, so easy to spend money in. ツ Yesterday, I went a little overboard, but I also ended up making some good progress on our entryway!

An hour-long thrift store trip yielded a small collection of mirrors that I decided would look cute above the wood bench sitting against one wall in our entry. I also got hooks for the other wall, to hang coats, scarves, etc. from. Underneath the hooks are an assortment of shoes. The final touch: a bright kilim-style rug with fringe on both ends!

mirrors / THRIFTED — wood bench / GIFTED — grey plush throw / IKEA
rug / HOME GOODS — coat hooks / TARGET


Expect more Interior Files posts here and there on the blog now! I love reading interior design blogs in general, so it's fun to be able to contribute a little bit.

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