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Ya'll may know that I LOVE to eat, so naturally I designed a t-shirt in homage to Chinese takeout.* During particularly weak moments, Charlie and I crave Chinese takeout. We both love Chinese food in general, but it always feels extra lazy and unhealthy when we Grubhub the stuff to our apartment.

A few weeks ago, our favorite delivery place was booked out the wazoo. One and a half hour wait? No thanks, we'll find another place! Another place ended up being a tiny lil' spot called King Wong. They didn't deliver, but it was close by so we dropped in to pick it up. Lo and behold, this place was veerryyy chill. The owner(?) seemed super jolly and it was one of those hole-in-the-wall restaurants with decor + vibes that are perfectly suited to my taste. (I posted a couple snaps on my instagram here and here.)

ANYWAY, the King Wong menu was lying around our house for a few days after that when suddenly, I saw it in a new light. This would make a perfect bookmark! I stuck it in my Angela Davis biography and took it with me to one of our daily latte + chill sessions at a coffee shop.

And it was then, at the coffee shop that I saw the menu in a new new light. All these wicked serif fonts would look great in charcoal pencil! Voila. I drew it up, scanned it in, fumbled with it in Photoshop, and had my cute Takeout Tee from Printful in a week!

I'm in the process of designing more things that will eventually be up for sale in an online shop. Stay tuned for that in early 2017!


What's your favorite food to order for delivery? 

*Ironically, 2017 may be the year that I drastically diminish (or totally destroy) my meat intake. It's something Charlie and I have been talking about recently, and it may begin with us becoming pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish)...then eventually cutting out meat altogether. Who knows! If anyone has any literature on the subject (recipes, tips, a punch in the stomach in the form of a book, etc.) let me know in the comments!

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