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I know it's supposed to be a musical interpretation of the 'cool girl' passage from Gone Girl—which is super clear re: the false advertising of the so-called ✨cool girl—but let's just pretend I mean only good things when I say: you should totally read this post all about cool girls while you listen to Tove Lo's "Cool Girl."

Here, I'll make it easy for you:

Anyway, on to the meat of this post.

YouTube. Lately, I've been using it to find new music + to be inspired by other creative women. So I'm sharing this list of some of the fashion + style channels I'm currently subscribed to, in order to catalog my taste and inspirations. I find value + inspiration from the creative output of these women and I hope you do too.

I've always low key enjoyed watching thrift haul + styling vids, but there are a bunch of women who take theirs to the next level, visually speaking. Obviously, great style is a factor, but these channels also have 1) fun editing, 2) inspiring visual design ideas, and 3) good music.

To The 9s

To The 9s is Cassie & Ricci and I their vids are simple yet well produced, plus their style feels modern but down to earth. Like they're not trying to be too fancy or trendy. V chill and I'm good with it. (Also I drew them here & here, for their #drawtothe9s hashtag on insta)

Julia Lee

I don't know, maybe I'm a sucker for artsy visuals and the simplicity of her channel design, but I'm way into it! She also makes these tight little conceptual/aesthetic films that are super pleasant to watch.

Rian Phin

Okay you know I like Rian Phin. Her vids are low key low key but also high key??? Like I'm into her overall aesthetic, but her channel is bomb because she talks a lot in all of her videos, but it's not annoying at all it's very interesting hearing her talk about random shit she did that day AND she has other talk-y vids that are about things I think about but don't realize I think about? i.e. her "ig baddie vs badu" video. Get into it!

Tara Chandra

Seems like a v cool human in general. Her style vids are awesome, but also she does these "Tara Talks" and "T-Weekly" series of videos that are just as interesting. I don't know what else to say. Just watch, okay? Byyyyee!


Tara's 👏 Short 👏 Films 👏 Are 👏 Amazing 👏 Pure Gold Art A++ Fire Bomb Perfect 10 Thank You and Good Night. (And yes she also makes dope fashion vids)

The Fashion Citizen

Stephanie + Mel = The Fashion Citizen. They are my forever faves, I think. I got into them around the same time I got into ClothesEncounters back when it was both Jenn and Sarah. I like seeing their style (both in clothes and in visuals) totally evolve over the years. Also, their weekly vlogs are strangely soothing to me. I also like that their vids + social media aren't cluttered with a bunch of sponsored stuff. I don't always hate when people's entire wardrobe is co-opted, but generally, since so many bloggers + vloggers do that now, it can get pretty boring + lame. Anyway! The Fashion Citizen is the opposite of boring and lame and that's why I like their channel. This caption too long, bruh.

Honestly, when I was scrolling through my subs to find vids for this post, I realized this list could go on and on and on and on. This is really just a handful of the people who release content I find interesting on YouTube. There are so many people who inspire my creative output because they do dope things. Shouts out to people inspiring me visually!


Who would you add to this list? What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?

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