See Me, Hear Me / Toro Y Moi

On Monday night two of my favorite musicians played at two different venues just 6 minutes walking distance from one another. Unfortunately, I was only able to see one of them. Fortunately, the show was sooooo goooood so I didn't care too much. Unfortunately I went a little too hard on the Old Fashioned and ended up sick by the end of the night. Fortunately, I still had the best time. Unfortunately in my stupor later that night, I dropped my phone into the toilet and it is totally out of commission. Fortunately, all of the pretty pictures I took documenting that night are on my actual camera.

And here we are.

This was my second time seeing Chaz Bundick, AKA Toro Y Moi. Though, the first time, was a DJ set he did at Smart Bar in Chicago as his side project, Les Sins. At this second show, he played one of my favorite songs, which contains the lyric I quote on my sidebar.

You might as well waste your time with me if you're gonna be here.

Have a very nice Wednesday!

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