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I'm a podcast fiend. Morning, noon, and night you can often find me listening, so naturally I'm subscribed to waaaaay too many. What I listen to fluctuates with my moods and it can be hard to keep track, actually. Podcast Roundup is a way for me to gauge what's good, why, and (hopefully) get to know what everyone else listens to ☟ in the comments.  

What's New

Creative Pep Talk / I quit my job last week, in the hopes of pursuing some sort of creative...something. I've listened to this podcast off and on for a while now, but I resubscribed last week because, um, can't we all use a pep talk?

Hopefully We Don't Break Up / I found this podcast through Jamie Lee's podcast. It's a couple (____ and _____) who interview other couples about being a couple. There are some surprisingly good, honest, hilarious moments in nearly every episode.

The Best of the Worst / The aforementioned podcast by Jamie Lee. She basically interviews another comedian/friend about their worst...whatever. Sex, school, drug experience. It's always funny and always interesting.

Remarkable Lives Tragic Deaths / So good! The title says it all. Marilyn Monroe. James Dean. Princess Di. Rasputin. There's drama, intrigue, and, you know, death. I'll say it again: so good!

Insecuritea / Hey Fran Hey + Crissle from The Read talk about Issa Rae's new TV show Insecure? Sign me up! 

Every Westworld Podcast Ever / This is a catchall. I'm listening to 4 different Westworld podcasts right now? Yeah. That obsession is real. For the curious: Out West, Watching Westworld, Sweetwater Saloon, Decoding Westworld.

What's Good

Startup / Okay. I was not into last season of this podcast. But season 4 started off strong and just got soooo much better. Episode 4? They announced that the rest of the season is all about your favorite perv and mine: Dov Charney, of American Apparel fame. Here's a Huffington Post article about it.

2 Dope Queens / If you're not listening to this podcast, please leave. No for real. What are you doing?

My Favorite Murder / This 👏Podcast 👏 Is 👏 Everything. I'm not a hardcore true crime nut per se, but I would describe myself as a murderino and Karen and Georgia are never not funny. This one is a no-brainer.

Politically Re-Active / I know, I know. Literal overload of politics right now. You pretty much can't escape hearing someone and their mother talk about the insanity of who the f*ck is gonna be the President of the United States. But if I have to hear somebody talk about it, I'm gonna vote Hari Kondabolu and W. Kamau Bell. They interview all kinds of people (from Jill Stein to Kathleen Hanna), and I like it when I can learn something and laugh at the same time.


Alright. That's what I'm listening to lately. What about you? Let me know in the comments.

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