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This font.

I would describe myself as casually obsessed with this particular typeface. Cabernet JF and all of its flourishes makes my heart beat a little bit faster every time I see it. I was recently reminded of its existence the other day when I picked up a tattered copy of Valley of the Dolls, which uses a similarly hip ~70s vibes~ Didone font.

I may or may not have decided to make it a lifelong goal of mine to collect every example of Cabernet JF I see in use. I want it to be so familiar to me that I feel that we could be friends, if given the chance.

Director and actor Alex Ross Perry also seems to enjoy attractive, timelessly retro fonts as much as I do. His use of Cabernet JF in Philip goes beyond the title treatment, even, and shows up in fictitious book cover designs within the film as well. I'm in love.

Another great example of Cabernet JF in the wild: FX's Atlanta. I'm already a fan of the show, but that particular design decision is a major plus. It sort of perfectly captures the dreamy, stylized vibe of the show.

I officially have an Evernote note titled "That Font" in which I've started to collect any and all examples of Cabernet JF sightings and uses.

I'm writing this post as the final results of the 2016 election trickle in. Geeking out about this font is sadly not enough of a draw to take my mind off of that. Life must go on, though, right??

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