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For Turkey Week (is that a thing? It should probably be a thing. I'm just picturing people eating giant turkey legs all day and night) I'm gonna splash this blog with tons of color.

In my work lately I have noticed that I am enamored with colorscapes. Right now I play in both the digital + analog art worlds, running back and forth and creating vastly different styles of work (in my opinion) in each. I especially love when things I like to look at—architecture, signage, interiors, clothing, film, accessories—also speak to the art I am making.

For example, I just came across designer Guillermo Santoma.

His work is beautiful, and his home in Barcelona is a colorful, architectural dream. It is so much of what I like about residential architecture. It is sculptural, has hints of 80s design, and is full of unexpected elements. Trust, I am taking notes! I want to be able to incorporate some ideas—color, tile, styling—into my own home, once I have one.

Let's explore!


Velvet looks good on patterned tiled floors, no?

Okay, I'm getting some art installation vibes in the dining room. Those white plastic lawn chairs that literally everyone has look amazing and also melted. Fuctional? I don't know. I like the boldness of painting art directly on the walls.

Such a simple space that is made more interesting with interesting art on the wall, well designed chairs, and a pale pink color on the walls.


A lot of monochrome, architecturally interesting rooms with small pops of color. There are more of those chairs on his website. I'll take two!


If you want to see more, he posts a lot of interesting projects on his instagram: @sguillermos

See you soon!

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