Notes / Airbnb in Cuba with Hemingway

Airbnb. I first used this service in 2014, to house my friends and I for a weekend in Chicago. Ever since, I don't really go anywhere without it. It allows me to scratch the itch that is my desire to peek into every lamp lit window of every apartment building I drive past. To explore around, exist within, and temporarily live inside of a dwelling that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to. 

In other words, I'm nosy AF and an interior design snob; Airbnb lets me choose a place I think looks bomb and then jump all over the beds there. How could I not enjoy that?

Hemingway. There’s this podcast I really enjoy called Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths, or something dramatic like that, and they did an episode on Hemsworth. Hemingway, I mean. Anyway, it was interesting and reminded me that I need to read at least one of his books eventually, and, more importantly, that Cuba is a place I definitely need to visit. 

Havana, Cuba. My exposure to Cuban interior design is currently limited to Pinterest boards and a few curated posts on interior design blogs. That’s cool. But not that cool. I clicked through nearly every apartment/house/hostel in the general Havana area of Cuba, saving spaces I like and daydreaming about taking Charlie there for his birthday next year. The architecture and general design aesthetic is so interesting and I'm excited to start researching it more!

Here are some notes.

Very tall ceilings. Patterned floor and dark wood furniture. The black panels totally bring the room together. (x)

This room is playing games. It reads initially as some sort of dated 80s situation with that printed rattan furni and the square TV. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though. Details. That stained glass ceiling light. The patterned tile. Check the sunflower in the corner. Straight shining. (x)

Look! A matching bedroom!

Peachy pink walls with white wood trim. Old square TV. Are those alphabet letters on the fridge? I like this room. (x)

I have never thought of a fan as a legitimate piece of wall art, but color me surprised. Speaking of color—the walls in this place! Let’s be friends. That second room? I don’t like any of the furniture, but I do like the gallery walls + paint colors. Yes please! (x)

Painted tapestry shades paired with chocolate brown rattan chairs make for a peaceful balcony space. A minimal bedroom is made more interesting with a patterned bedspread and colorful artwork. I now feel compelled to collect images of deep brown wood chairs and glass dining tables. (x)

Beautiful understated dining space accented by a bright orange wall and a serene photograph on the wall. The lace tablecloth heightens the romance and brings the look together. (x)

White on white on white on white on white + mirrors + plants. And a column for good measure. (x)

Pale pink paint and white wrought iron tables and chairs. Minimal details with a beautiful backdrop is a good idea. I need a lil' cushion for my butt, though. (x)

Bold color tile. Plants. Add some romance with a woven chair and a folding room divider. (x)

Classic. Beautiful tiled floors, tall ceilings, blanket draped over an antique looking couch, glass table. (x)


Hope you enjoy looking at these little things as much as I do. See you en La Habana!


  1. It looks so modern yet so tropical <3 Also, I'd love to hear the podcast, however, I'm having a difficult time finding it :(

    1. Ah! The podcast can be found here:

      or just search 'Remarkable Lives Tragic Deaths' in whatever app you use to listen to podcasts :)))

      And YUP! I like the romantic sort of old school vibes of these Havana design details. I need to research it more to get a better vocabulary for describing the styles!!




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