Christmas Shopping Edit feat. All Your Fave Instagram Shops

This Christmas, it's all about you. And let's face it: it always has been. I'm not advocating some sort of Bridezilla / Scrooge McDuck hybrid, all I'm saying is that Christmas should feel good for everyone. Including you!

Feeling good can include: buying a bomb ass present for your mother-in-law; catching up with an old high school friend over a hot cup of coffee/cocoa/cider; or volunteering your time and energy to help people who really need to have a good Christmas, if you know what I mean.

For me, a good Christmas is a combination of all of those things, plus a little treat (or three) for Maria. AKA, yours truly. AKA, me. For the past couple months I've started following a lot more Instagram shops, all with one thing in common: minimal, earthy aesthetics. These are generally clothing and accessory shops, many of which sell straight through Instagram. I'm totally into them showing up on my feed, if only because they feed into my own creative output and give me tons of styling ideas.

I created this shopping guide / X-Mas wishlist for myself, and for anyone else who wants a well-curated selection of gift ideas for the holidays. If you're not into the ~Grinch voice~ consumer madness that is inherent in Christmas (and pretty much every waking moment in the US, at least), then consider this wish list a type of moodboard. Turn on some Sade, grab a mug of tea, and have a chill day.





If anyone has another fave instagram shop, please share below! Have a nice day!

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