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Burger Pickin' is a series where I eat at a burger joint and then rate it. Leave no sesame seed bun left un-turned!


It's been a while since I last reviewed a burger, so here we go!

We drive past the Burger Factory all the time and always comment that it has Mexican Food! Gyros! and Burgers! and that we should in fact eat there tonight. But we only did that for real last night.

This place is U G L Y outside, but I was ready to party with all those neon signs inside. They have like 800 different menu items ranging from a pork tenderloin sandwich (YAS) to jumbo shrimp. We both got burgers, though, because um OBVIOUSLY this is a burger factory.

I don't know why the logo on the menu is different than the logo on the giant sign outside, but I definitely enjoyed the design of the menus and thought it perfectly captured the ~aesthetic of this factory in a cute (but not too cute) way. I ordered an avocado burger, hold the 1000 island (wtf?????) and Charlie ordered a sourdough burger. Then I made the mistake of going to the bathroom.

Holy hotcakes the entire bathroom situation is a disaster. First of all, when you push the door with the word 'bathroom' on it, you're greeted by an ominously lit hallway with unexpectedly high ceiling. Like the ceiling in the hallway was 100 times taller than the ceiling in the restaurant proper. The hallway itself curves into darkness, which is terrifying and once you actually make it into the bathroom, it's just what you would expect a bathroom located in this back alley of a hallway to look like. I'm not describing it. This is a review of the food, not the bathrooms, but goodness gracious remind me to never empty my bladder there again.

ANYWAY. Our food came out pretty quick, and we sat in a booth backlit by the pleasant gradient of the sunset outside. Nice! The burgers come wrapped in paper to minimize the mess, but my avocado didn't like to be told what to do and went everywhere. I wasn't a fan of the extreme hot/cold contrast (hot burger patty, cold tomato and lettuce) but other than that it went down alright. I would normally say that this is a forgettable burger, but I probably won't forget that I don't want to eat it ever again. It was pretty meh.

So the burger factory ain't so good with the burgers. That pork tenderloin sandwich, though? I might have to go back for that.


Score Card

Restaurant Aesthetics: C-

Customer Service: B

Logo Design: B-

Music Selection: It was playing so softly I didn't hear it.

Cleanliness: B-

Bathrooms: D- 

Taste: D

Overall: C-

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