New In / Holy Pink Shirt, Batman!

I am 100% here for awkwardly cut, raw hem denim. I thrifted these jeans a week ago, and the previous owner had already cut a slit into the hem of each leg. So I was like, well now I have to cut them up! And cut them up I did. When I showed Charlie he laughed and said they look goofy, which is true. I told him it's a ~thing~ and that I like it too much to resist. 

This hole-y top is another gem from SheInside. I was expecting it to fit a bit differently when I bought it, but I can't hate too much because it's honestly one of the softest tees I own. Plus, that baby pink color is so friendly. 

The day we took these photos we spent like 5 hours at the same coffee shop, reading and Soundhound-ing every other song playing. The DJ at Lux is on point.

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