Burger Pickin' / Whataburger

Burger Pickin' is a series where I eat at a burger joint and then rate it. There will be no sesame bun left un-turned.


What a burger, am I right? I had never heard of this fast food chain until moving to Phoenix. I was always attracted to the bright orange, retro logo, but it took me months to finally walk inside. I might never have tasted it, but for a friend visiting who was so intrigued she had us stop in and grab a late night snack. I was full that night and didn't partake, but a few weeks later Charlie eagerly joined me so we could both try a burger.

Syke! I had a chicken sandwich. I don't know why. Does that affect my review? Kind of. I may have to return to actually taste da beef and write about it, but for now, let's just pretend the chicken sandwich actually represents what the burgers taste like. That makes sense, right?

Whataburger looks like all of the fast food places I am used to—at least the ones in the Midwest. Faded, brown, grimy, and depressing. This is not some uppity judgement, just a statement of fact. You walk into your nearest Hardee's and tell me it doesn't make you feel like you have seasonal affective disorder.

Anyway, I ordered a Whatachicken sandwich, which is breaded chicken, tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce on a bun. It was not bad. Not memorable either, but I'd definitely swerve past the golden arches to pick up another one of these during a road trip/bout of depression.

The fries were fine. Normal. Not bad.

I honestly have nothing else to say. I hated eating inside of this place, though. It sucks. Not surprising, but it does. I just stared at the picture below these paragraphs and realized that one of the guys in the photo noticed I was being Terry Richardson and covered his face. Or maybe he was just trying to shield his eyes from that sunbeam. Who am I  to say?


Score Card

Restaurant Aesthetics: D-

Customer Service: B

Logo Design: C

Music Selection: Don't remember

Cleanliness: B-

Bathrooms: Did not go

Taste: C+

Overall: C+

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